Why Do You Use Bulk Gmail Accounts for Your Online Business

Are you still wondering about using Bulk Gmail Accounts for your online business? Well, you won’t anymore. The outstanding features will convince you for using Gmail for both personal and professional purposes.

We all know Google. Google is one of the most popular and highly used search engines. But the fact is it’s more than that. Google comes with a whole bunch of apps and features. Gmail is one of the excellent features of Google.

Thousands of people are using Gmail Accounts for their personal as well as their business purposes. It may be possible that one day Google will be number one. Why should we wait till then? It’s already ruling the world. Google is efficient enough to turn your Gmail as an effective marketing machine.

Advantageous Features Come with Gmail Accounts

If you have been already using Bulk Gmail Accounts for your online business, you should know the advantages of using Gmail. But if somehow you’re not aware of its benefits, now you’ll get to know them for sure. Here are some important and basic features of Gmail. Let’s have a look.

Storage Capacity

We don’t need too much free space for using personal email Accounts. But if you’re using Gmail for your business, you’re going to need massive storage capacity. With Gmail, you’ll get 30 GB of free space for business usage. It’s more than enough for receiving and storing a huge number of emails and other important files in your Gmail account.

Highly Secured Platform

Google guards Gmail with highly secured systems. All the data of your Gmail Accounts are always safe in Google’s own platform with guaranteed consistent service. With Google, Gmail uses a highly secure SSL encrypted connection to complete all the data transmission.

Each time to log in to your Gmail account you have to confirm the correct password linked to your account. Even you can set the two-factor authentication process for extra security.

Quick Search

We mostly know Google as a search engine. No matter what Google app or feature you’re using, it will always be the best at searching. Any mail you want from the previous records at any time, you can search for it with Gmail. Gmail will pull all you want within a few moments no matter how old that is. It’s never a big deal for Gmail to go back into the deep and find what you’re looking for.

Google Apps Access

Again, Google is not just a search engine. It provides with a lot of others services or apps. And, there’s great news for users of Gmail account. If you’re using Gmail, you can get access to all the Google apps and services Google offers.

Bonus Apps

As a user of Gmail, you’re already able to use instant messaging, voice call, and video conferencing through Gmail. You can both initiate or receive phone calls via Hangouts. That’s not all. Google allows you to get access to Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Duo, Google Plus, and other Google sites using your Gmail address.


Gmail understands its user’s requirements and that’s why it provides with a whole package of vast add-ons for online business development. This package comes with add-ons like e-mail scheduling tools, branding tools, sales tools, Hubspot’s Signals, and so on. There are also other options for unique business level controls, Chrome Store, advertisements removal, Google Apps Marketplace, and branding addition.

Domain Name Customization

Gmail offers you to customize the domain name of your Gmail address. With Gmail Accounts, you can use your company name or any other name as your domain name in your email address for Gmail. Instead of @gmail.com, Gmail allows you to go with @your company name.com.

Useful Extensions or Enhancements Google Offer

Google offers you beneficial extensions to make your simple Gmail Accounts as a powerful marketing weapon for your online business. 

Google Chrome Extension: Flash issue

Flashissue, a member of Google family, is a newsletter creator for Gmail service. It’s entirely free. Flashissue helps you to create and design professional emails newsletter, make targeted mail lists and organize them, and keep tracking all your results.

Google Chrome Extension: Streak

Your customers are always your first priority. That’s why CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool is a very crucial part for business development. Gmail provides you with a free CRM tool called Streak. Streak assists you with tracking customer support issues, fundraising, and sales as well.

Google Lab Feature: Canned Response

gmail labs
gmail labs

For the business purpose, you have to send emails to hundreds of people thousands of times. Whether it’s a welcome email or promotion email, it always differs according to your client. But there are some points which are always the same for every email. So, it’s better to set email templates.  Google Lab allows you to use Canned Response that will set and save your email templates.

Interaction with Other Platforms

Gmail is not so self-centered. It knows how to maintain its responsibilities. That’s why Gmail allows its users to interact with their Gmail Accounts with other different platforms.

Cloud Backup

Mails are always accessible to its users through the cloud. It’s not necessary to use the same device all the time. If you have internet access and the correct password, you can get access to your Gmail account from cloud backup and all of its data from anywhere at any time.

Other Platforms

It is normal whilst using Gmail account, you need to interact with other email services for your business development. Gmail allows its users to integrate with other platforms like Outlook, Hotmail accounts, Yahoo accounts, BlackBerry devices, and so on.

Gmail and its features are beyond our explanation. There’re endless benefits of using Gmail for your online business. Want to successfully establish and grow your business worldwide? One of the most important things you’re going to need is an email account. For a successful online business promotion, it’s better to have multiple accounts. Grow your business with Bulk Gmail Accounts. Gmail will never disappoint you.

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