What’s So Trendy About Nikon D750 That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Another one from perhaps the most well renowned and the most popular brand in photography, Nikon. Nikon produces another masterpiece with the [amazon_textlink asin='B00QXRXPYC' text='Nikon D750' template='ProductLink' store='takefo-20' marketplace='US' link_id='bcfa3875-fa1d-11e7-a818-9f0fa321aec0']. A full frame digital single reflex camera with high-quality performance, overwhelming versatility, and a great value. The Nikon D750 has the looks of any other DSLR camera, except for the fact that it is a bit smaller. But unlike our previously ranked DSLR which was too small for many photographers to get used to.

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1.    Sensor resolution (type) §  24.3MP CMOS
2.    Autofocus System §  51-points with 15 cross-type
3.    Metering System §  91,000 pixel RGB sensor
4.    ISO sensitivity range §  100-12,800
(51,200 expanded)
5.    Max shutter speed §  1/4000th
6.    Shutter rating §  150,000 releases
7.    Accessory connector §  Multi-interface
8.    Memory card slots §  2 SD slots
9.    Aperture control in live view/video §  Yes
10.  LCD §  Tilting 3.2"
1.2m dots
11.  Maximum frame rate §  6.5 fps
12.  Movie Mode §  1080/60p
13.  Wi-Fi §  Built-in
14.  Battery life (CIPA) §  1230 shots
15.  Dimensions §  140.5 x 113 x 78mm (5.6 x 4.5 x 3.1 in)
16.  Weight (with battery) §  755 g (1.7 lb.)

The Nikon D750 is just rightly sized for each and every photographer that is in the field of photography.  The camera has a nice amount of weight which is perfect for a great grasp and a steady hold for you image capturing. The Right amount of weight ensures a steadier hold leading up to a better accuracy and a clearer picture. With a digital single reflex camera, the smallest of details count. This is what the digital single reflex cameras are best well known for. The Nikon D750 has a very slim upside to its picture quality with 24.4 megapixels for each and every picture it captures.


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The Nikon D750 also comes with a great user interface. The user interface of the Nikon D750 allows the photographer to adjust everything starting from the basic setting to the most advanced and technical features. The Nikon D750’s interface is one of the most user-friendly DSLRs on the market. The Nikon D750 has a great megapixel number producing great quality pictures and may produce even over the expectations sort of pictures with the right ISO setting.


A very notable feature of the Nikon D750 is the maximum continuous shooting speed.  It has, till now, the highest maximum continuous shooting speed at 6.5 frames per second. This is perfect for pictures that require very fast and steady shooting. The images from Nikon D750 will seem different than many of our higher ranked DSLR produced images. The Nikon D750 has an impressive 51 point autofocus system, with a 15 cross type.


One of the unique features from the Nikon D750 is the screen which shows the user interface. The Nikon D750 has a tilting screen that allows versatility. You can take pictures from certain angles that may require an unusual angle. This tilting screen feature comes in very handy for video shooting. The [amazon_textlink asin='B00QXRXPYC' text='Nikon D750' template='ProductLink' store='takefo-20' marketplace='US' link_id='809c1e24-fa1d-11e7-bee3-497d373e56e8'] is an ideal DSLR for users with intermediate level of use.  Coming at a price range of 1500$, it is a great value for what it’s worth.


  • The size is small and it is light weighted.
  • Compatible with classic AI lenses.
  • High ISO performance delivers excellent picture quality.


  • If you have used D3200, you will realize that it is not a major upgrade


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