How to Use Hair Mask and Conditioner

Hair mask makes the hair healthy and strong while conditioner gives professional look to the hair. But many of us don’t know how to use hair mask and conditioner. That’s why we are here to provide you guys really helpful guides and tactics on how to apply hair mask and conditioner.

In the market, you will get many hair masks and conditioner. Depending on your hair demand there are masks-

  1. Bond building hair masks
  2. Protein hair masks
  3. Oil-based hair masks
  4. Hydrating hair masks

How to Use Hair Mask and Conditioner

hair mask

Here are 9 effective processes on How to apply hair mask and conditioner-

  • Check the instructions carefully: Before applying any beauty product every girl should read the instructions carefully. If you don’t follow the instructions you can’t get the exact benefit out of the product you bought. Every hair musk has different applying and keeps in time. Depending on your hair condition and type of mask the instructions will be different.

For instance, an oil-based mask instructs to leave the mask in your hair for a long time. Protein and hydrating hair mask offer at least 10mins of rest.

  • Wear an old cloth before applying the mask: As you are likely to apply the mask before taking a shower you need to take an extra step. We would like to save your favourite dress.

So while applying the hair mask never wear your favourite dress rather wear an old and unused top. You can simply save yourself from the slippery and messy condition by wearing a saloon coat. You will easily get one at a reasonable price in your local beauty shop.

  • Clean your hair and let it dry 80%: We recommend you to apply the hair mask in clean hair. You will simply understand the term because in dirt no beauty product can work well. That’s why before applying the mask make sure you have cleaned your hair like every day. After that let the hair dry normally and never use a hairdryer to dry the hair.

After washing the hair wrap your hair with a towel. After 80% of hair dry, you can start the process.

  • Make several sections: If you have long hair and if your hair has enough volume then you need to section the hair. We recommend making sections from each part of your head. If you make at least 3 to 4 sections of your hair then applying mask will be easier.

If your hair is short then you can skip the step. The small sections will ensure you coat your each and every hair evenly with the mask.

  • Apply mask evenly: Some beauticians will tell you to apply the hair mask only in your hair without scalp. But we would like to suggest to you what will be the best applying procedure.

Hair mask helps to strengthen and hydrate your hair.

That’s why you need to apply the mask from the scalp to the end of the hair. Especially apply many masks at the end of the hair, which is the driest and damaged part of the hair. In the scalp, there remains cuticle, so if you apply the mask in the open cuticle of your scalp then your hair will get more strength and hydration.

  • Comb to spread the mask:  It is a proven idea to use a long-legged comb to spread the mask really well in the scalp and hair. If you do not mix the mask in your head then the mask can’t spread evenly in your head.

That’s why you need to use a hair comb and if you skip it then probably you missing an important action.

  • Coat the hair with a shower cap or towel: when you have done to apply the mask really well then proceed to the next step. In this phase, you need to cover your hair and entire head with a shower cap. We recommend using a warm towel to wrap the hair.

Doing this will ensure the mask reaches perfectly in the cuticle of the scalp. When your scalp reaches directly in the contact of warm water then the cuticles open. So, first of all, cover the hair with a shower cap and then wrap overall with a warm towel.

  • Leave it as per instructions: After coating, the hair with a hair towel leave it as per the mask’s instructions. We recommend you to keep the mask overnight and sleep with it if you have really frizzy and damaged hair. Normally you can keep the hair mask in rest for 10 to 30 minutes for better result.
  • Rinse out the mask: The last but least part of applying the mask is wipe out with the help of cold water. Before rinsing with cold water you can use warm water and massage the scalp.
  • Applying conditioner and shampoo: Masks are for providing your hair rich moisture and strength and it also helps to make your hair floppy. So obviously masks are more powerful than conditioner and you need to rinse the mask well.

So to wipe out the chemicals of the hair mask you can rinse the hair with chemical-free shampoo. Then to make the hair manageable you can apply conditioner and finally rinse with cold water.

Do you use a hair mask before or after conditioner

Applying a hair musk before a conditioner is pretty good for your hair. As you already know, hair masks have greater performance and power than a conditioner. You can use a conditioner regularly to make your hair shiny and manageable. Whereas a hair mask is recommended to apply once in a week.

If you have a plan to use conditioner than we would suggest you to put hair mask firstly. Hair masks can be applied into the scalp to get a touch of the cuticle and leave high hydration to your scalp and hair. Whereas you can’t use conditioner in your scalp as it contains a harmful chemical which can make the scalp really wore.

That’s why go for a hair mask first then rinse the hair with a conditioner to get silky and soft hair.

Do you use a hair mask before or after shampooing

A hair mask contains many strong manufacturing elements. So after leaving the mask in your hair for rest, you need to clear the mask from your scalp and hair very well. There is another beneficial fact, if your hair is very damaged and frizzy then you must need to apply the mask before shampooing. As a result, your hair will get much moisture and hydration.

After a certain period of applying the mask, you need to clean the hair with a good shampoo.

Should I shampoo after hair mask

Yes, you need to shampoo after a hair mask. Shampooing will clear all the excess mask and slipperiness from your hair. Many would tell you to rinse the scalp and hair with water. But if you don’t apply shampoo then the excess mask stays in the scalp which is not good at all.

So finally we believe there are all the answers to your questions on how to use hair mask and conditioner. We would love to hear your story of using the hair mask and conditioner applying our guidelines. Feel free to ask any farther questions regarding how to apply hair mask and conditioner. Share and spread the message to your friends and family. Enjoy voluminous and strong hair every day!

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