Badland zxr 12000 lb winch review

Make your off-road experience worthwhile with the Badland zxr 12000 lb winch. If you’re looking for a good quality winch to assist your off-road vehicles well, this is the right place for you. Here we’ll be discussing a winch that has proved its worth with incredible performance – the Badland zxr 12000 lb winch.

Badland zxr 12000 lb winch product description:

BrandBadland zxr
Item Weight85.8 pounds
Product Dimensions19 x 7 x 11 inches
Motor TypeSeries Wound
Horsepower6 HP
Brake TypeAutomatic Load-Holding
Cable Length65 ft.
Cable MaterialAircraft Grade Steel
Line Pull Capacity12000 lbs
Gear train3-stage Planetary
IP RatingIP 66 – Winch and Controls
Warranty Duration  90 days from the date of purchase

Key Features:

Series-wound motor with a horsepower of 6HP

The Badland zxr 12000 winch consists of a series-wound motor that possesses a stunning horsepower of 6HP.

Three-stage planetary gear system

The tool displays a three-stage planetary gear system that contributes to ensuring fast line speed. This feature helps you to easily use the tool to lift or move vehicles or heavy loads quite fast.

Aircraft-class cables

The Badland zxr winch comes with high-grade aircraft-class cables that are more durable and competent than most other winches.

Automatic load-holding brake

It features an automatic load-holding brake that helps to retain loads. It acts as an emergency system to ensure the safety of the winch.

Free spooling property

The free spooling characteristic aids in fast line out that ensures effortless and fast operation of the winch.

Water-resistant framework

The Badland zxr 12000 winch comes with an IP66 water-resistant framework.

Handheld remote control

The tool also includes a 12ft handheld remote control that makes controlling the winch easier and more efficient.


Warranty is very important when it comes to any electric tools. As the Badland zxr 12000 winch is a heavy-duty tool, our suggestion would be to spend a little extra on a warranty. Harbor Freight, the original distributor of the Badland zxr 12000 winch offers a 90-days warranty to the users. Since it is supposedly made for tough jobs, a warranty can earn you some peace of mind.

Where to Buy?

You can order your Badland zxr 12000 winch directly from Harbor Freight. Or you can look for other reliable sources such as Amazon.




The affordability of the Badland zxr 12000 winch is what makes it the customer’s favorite. When you get such a durable tool at an affordable rate, it makes things easier. This is exactly what made Harbor Freight a successful retail company. They work to supply affordable high-quality tools and accessories to satisfy their customers. On top of that, the ability of the tool at handling heavy-duty tasks makes it worth every penny.

Easy installation

The straightforwardness of this winch is pure class. It does not take much to install the tool which leads to a comfortable user experience. When you’re using it to lift or move a vehicle, you just need to mount it onto the vehicle making sure that everything is in perfect alignment. Make proper use of the screws and brackets and make sure that the solenoid box is secured.

Outstanding cables

The incredible aircraft-class steel cables make the Badland zxr winch stand out among any other average winches. It is durable and more efficient. It has an outstanding cable length of 65ft. It comes with a cable tensioner that refrains the long cable from getting tangled.

Ideal weight

The Badland zxr 12000 winch weighs something around 90 pounds which is ideal for mounting on top of a vehicle or to use for lifting timber or loading anything.


Powerful performance

While the weight is ideal, the Badland zxr winch can successfully carry 12000 lbs of loads. Also the great horsepower of the motor guarantees fast operation anytime.


The water-resistant construction of the winch makes it ideal for recovering vehicles from wet areas like mud pits. It is also resistant to robust water jets.


Short duty cycle

The short duty cycle is the prime shortcoming of this tool. It has a very short duty cycle which results in overheating of the motor. It needs occasional cooling down so the motor doesn’t get burned.

Battery drainage

Another drawback is the quick battery drainage of the tool. Similar to overheating, this too is a problem arising from the short duty cycle. Prolonged use of the tool cause overheating which causes quick draining of the battery.

Short warranty

The warranty of the Badland zxr 12000 winch seems to be short to a lot of customers. As they offer only a 90-day long warranty, some people faced difficulties in replacing or exchanging parts after that period.


Q. Do you need a solenoid box for the Badland zxr 12000 lb winch?

The Badland zxr 12000 lb winch already comes with a solenoid box.

Q. Does it need any waterproof coating?

The Badland zxr winch is IP66 waterproof rated. It is not only waterproof but the metal parts are also rust resistant.

Q. Does it come with a water resistant remote control?

The Badland zxr winch does come with a remote control but it is not waterproof.

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Final thoughts on the Badland zxr 12000 winch

The Badland zxr 12000 lb electric winch is a heavy-duty tool and it comes with all the necessary pieces of equipment to set it up. Users love this tool for its easy installation. Surely it comes with some drawbacks, but you can keep them at bay by learning about them and taking the proper precautions accordingly.

As we discussed earlier, the prime drawback is the short duty cycle and both the overheating and battery drainage is a result of that. If you keep the cycle in mind while using it, you can avoid these problems. Overall, this is a great tool that can aid your off-road vehicle problems for a long time.

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